Trade-In Form

Vehicle Trade In Program

Do you have an RC Car or Truck sitting around you no longer use? Maybe you have a Stadium Truck or Drift Car or even a Stock Basher collecting dust in the closet. But now you are interested in Drag Racing and need to sell that car before you can purchase your dream Drag Car. Big Lake Hobbies Trade-In Program was designed for YOU!

Our Trade-In Program is simple; we are looking for quality vehicles in good condition, the better the condition the better the Trade-In offer. SO, brush the dust off of that vehicle and bring it into one of our stores and select the vehicle you want to purchase. We will perform a 10 point inspection of the Trade-In evaluating the resale ability of the brand and model, the overall quality of the trade and current parts availability.

That’s it, that’s all thee is to it, we will then offer you a “Trade in Allowance” on the new vehicle you have chosen. Once you accept the offer and we complete the transaction, you walk away with a Brand New Vehicle of your choice and we now own your Trade-In along with all the risk, responsibility and wait time required to resell it while you are out running your New Vehicle!.

The Trade-In Program ends here BUT please keep in mind we can also finance the balance of your New Vehicle through Acima Credit (subject to approval by Acima) making your initial out of pocket expense even less.