You always can fulfill your “Lure of the Sea” at Big Lake Hobbies.  We carry a great cross section of any type of boat that you are looking for.  Our selections range in size, style, propulsion and even different levels or classes of competition if that is your interest.


Our most popular boat is the speed boat or racing boat.  Big Lake Hobbies has some as small as 8″ which is perfect for the small pond or pool as well as big lake to 4′ monsters that run a heart pounding 50+ mph.  Power systems vary from electric to glow and even gasoline and are available in both inboard and outboard power configurations.  Most of our power systems are also water cooled which makes them much more dependable and run better.


The next most popular category is our Sail Boats and while I like to refer to this as a lazy Sunday afternoon at Sailing, that is the furthest from the truth.  We do have some lazy Sunday Sailors, but we also have fast paced racing qualified sloops.  Our boats range in size from 12” up to the 2-meter class some with simple sail controls and others with complicated multiple sail controls.  Choices range from Ready to Run to wood and fiberglass kits.


If you like to travel on the wild side look at our Airboat selection.  We also have a full selection of kit boats from classic stern wheelers to scale boats like the famous PT-109 as well as the River Patrol Boats, tugboats and shrimpers.  We even have several classic mahogany Chris Craft Runabout Kits that look great in the water and even better on the mantle.

Inventory shown below varies with availability