The SKY is the limit at Big Lake Hobbies.  We carry s good selection of aircraft from small foam backyard fliers to Quarter Scale and sometimes even larger aircraft.  Available Power systems range from the smallest electric engines to the largest Gasoline Engines.  We also fill the gap between the smallest and the largest with a good selection of other sizes of Electric, Glow and Gasoline engines.


Sport Aircraft are by far the most popular at Big Lake Hobbies as well as the industry in general.  However, our aircraft styles span the entire spectrum of aircraft design.  Starting with basic easy to fly trainer models equipped with SAFE mode to a generous number of sport aircraft to incredibly detailed scale aircraft.


But Big Lake Hobbies Aircraft Line does not stop at Fixed Wing Aircraft.  They also handle rotary wing aircraft AKA Helicopters and multi-rotor AKA Drones.  As with our Fixed Wing Aircraft these lines vary from basic beginner models with SAFE Mode to advanced models.


Big Lake Hobbies also stocks and supports the radio needs for their aircraft from full radios systems to radio components all from the top major manufactures.  Air services also include assistance with advanced aircraft set up and radio programming.


A quick word about SAFE Technology,  SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology from Spektrum Radio is a flight control that’s a quantum leap forward. Custom tuned for fixed or rotary wing aircraft, its evolutionary combination of multi-axis sensors and software incredibly make the aircraft intelligent enough to understand its flight attitude. Essentially, SAFE makes RC flight easier than ever before.

Far beyond stability, progressive performance options mean pilots can choose to develop with a greater degree of security and flight control. The result is that beginners have a far more relaxing learning experience and experts get outstanding control with protection benefits accessible at the flip of a switch. Best of all, sophisticated SAFE technology doesn’t require any work to enjoy. Every aircraft with SAFE installed is ready to use and optimized to offer the best possible flight experience.

Inventory shown below varies with availability